Hotel Posada La Poza Todos Santos

About Us

In 1997, the Swiss couple Juerg and Libusche Wiesendanger finally materialized their long planned drive down the Baja peninsula. The trained artist Libusche never really thought much of Mexico before this trip but soon found herself enamored with Baja’s wide-open, cactus strewn deserts and jagged mountain ranges that crashed into a blue sea. Both were fascinated with the richness and variety of the strange looking plants and the ever changing landscapes that appeared around each corner. When they reached sleepy Todos Santos with its artsy culture and tropical palm forests cooled by Pacific breezes, Juerg and Libusche fell in love with it. ..more

Tired from years of stress in the banking world and possessing an abundance of energy and complimentary skills, Juerg and Libusche set out to explore the possibilities. Having no children and searching for a lifestyle change, they were intent on creating an environment free from stress, TV and bad news. Todos Santos had the right feeling and was ready for something different. Envisioning an intimate retreat blending Mexican style and European accents but run with Swiss efficiency, they soon stumbled upon a unique piece of dormant land at the south end of town on the beach. Just north of the promontory named Punta Lobos, it is here that water flowing from the mountains forms a natural fresh water estuary protected behind the coastal sand dunes. Naming it Posada La Poza, meaning "the inn at the lagoon", this unique coastal wetland provides shelter for over 85 species of migratory and stationed birds, seabirds, kingfishers and many rare songbirds. Having found their oasis, Juerg and Libusche arranged to purchase the land and plans were drawn to build a small 8-room boutique hotel. After enduring many setbacks, the restaurant was completed in mid-August 2001 and the hotel was officially opened on February 2, 2002.