Art Gallery

Libusche Wiesendanger, co-owner of Posada La Poza along with her husband Juerg, is an internationally acclaimed artist whose paintings and sculptures can be found in both private and public collections throughout the world. Many of her works are on display and for sale in the hotel, turning Posada La Poza into a "living art gallery."

In addition, the artist owns a gallery in the center of Todos Santos in Calle Juarez (between the Hotel California and the Bank Bancomer).

The opening hours by appointment only - until further notice. Thank you.


Libusche Wiesendanger was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. She studied at the Art and Design School in the University of Prague. Libusche migrated to Switzerland in 1968 where she attended specialized studies at the Zurich Art and Design School. While studying there, she developed her affinity for painting in oil and acrylics.

For the next three years, she modeled delicate figures of abstract females with an alien touch. With these works, she became well known among modern puppet sculptors and collectors throughout Europe. This three-dimensional experience can now be felt in her paintings, which show the human body in movement or in special light. The degree of abstraction in Libusche's works leaves the observer enough space for their own interpretations. Recently, Libusche's paintings have begun to show a Mexican influence.

Libusche's fine art has gained considerable reputation. Her pieces can be found in private as well as public collections throughout Europe, North America, Mexico, the Middle East and South Africa. Her work is permanently on display in the Galeria La Poza and at the Hotel Posada La Poza. The guests of the Hotel Posada La Poza enjoy living amongst the original paintings in the Restaurant and the hotel rooms.