Hotel Posada La Poza Todos Santos

Pool & Garden


  • heated saltwater pool!

Do you like a pool or a Jacuzzi without chlorine which leaves your skin naturally smooth, your eyes without irritation and your nose dry even after having spent a couple of hours in the pool? Then welcome to the swimming pool and to the Jacuzzi of Posada La Poza! Our installations are run without chlorine and the water has a salinity which is about 15% of the salinity of the Pacific Ocean in front of us. ..more

What else can you expect when visiting Posada La Poza’s Pool n Spa? On a pre-notice base, we offer several types of body massages and facial massage, manicure and pedicure and aroma therapy.

For the location, your choices are the private beach, a tent in the gardens, the terrace of your room or an indoor massage. Your privacy is protected at any point in time while you are able to enjoy the open air experience. Relax and enjoy peacefully.

The best description of the gardens of Posada La Poza is "tropical desert garden" as its creator, the artist and owner Libusche Wiesendanger, puts it when introducing the gardens to our guests.

When the property was presented to its owners, there was nothing but garbage and weed. The former sugar cane field had been abandoned for some 40 years before it was discovered and brought to what it is now. These days, it presents some 50 different types of cactus and approx 38 different types of palm trees, beside the very many wonderful plants on the property. A real garden of Eden to be discovered over a longer period of stay. But it is not only the guests who appreciate this beautiful landscaping, but also the birds which find natural and domestic plants as their natural source for feeding.

The gardens together with the adjacent lagoon are home for as many as 90 species of birds which is a delight for every serious birder. The lagoon is a freshwater lagoon, but has slightly brackish water because of some waves which pass the berm at stormy times (which is of no risk for the guests at any time). And in the midst of these beautiful grounds you will find a saltwater swimming pool and a saltwater Jacuzzi. The saltwater system allows us to run the spa area without the use of chlorine and you will therefore never leave the pool or Jacuzzi with red eyes or dry skin – or even a change of color of your hair… For the protection of you as our guest and of nature, we avoid chemicals wherever possible.