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About Todos Santos

About Todos Santos, Baja California Sur.

There are a handful of unforgettable places in the world that you know you will return to once again... Posada La Poza is one of those places. ..more

Posada La Poza has set new standards for guest experience. We, the owners have traveled the world and have chosen Todos Santos, or it chose us. The opportunity for you to immerse yourself in this wonderful part of the world is there for you while "staying with" us at Posada La Poza. To understand the name and its location: Posada in Spanish is an Inn and La Poza in Mexican Spanish is a body of water like a lagoon. So when talking of Posada La Poza, we are talking of “the Inn at the lagoon”.

Posada La Poza, an intimate retreat on the Pacific Ocean, is in the small fishing, farming and artist community of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Only minutes from the Colonial heart of the village, Posada La Poza is on the Tropic of Cancer, down an exotic, winding narrow lane that is a tropical adventure in itself. Nestled amongst lush huertas (farmland), Posada La Poza features eight guest suites in three low rise buildings designed for a maximum of privacy and comfort in an environment of peace and seclusion. Our amenities include a large oceanfront saltwater swimming pool and saltwater jacuzzi, a fine restaurant and room service, spa and concierge services. As our guest, you will enjoy personalized attention that's friendly, not intrusive. Or in other words, experience the combination of Swiss quality with Mexican hospitality.

Todos Santos (All Saints) is located an hour north of Los Cabos and an hour south of La Paz, near the tip of the Baja California peninsula, 900 miles southeast of San Diego, CA. A palm-fringed oasis brimming with creative souls, this gentle sanctuary has captivated many with its peaceful, laid-back flavor and gentle, hospitable people. Set back about one mile from the Pacific Ocean, Todos Santos is nestled under the towering 6,000 foot Sierra de La Laguna mountains. Average rainfall is 22 inches (very little), with most falling in September. Average temperatures range from the mid 50s to high 70s in the winter months to 70 to 95 degrees F in the heat of the late summer, mid-August to mid-October. Read all you want about the weather, most people that have been here remember the sunshine and warmth!

A verdant village where a handful of families have lived for generations, the oasis of Todos Santos is a picturesque slice of old Colonial Mexico. Facing the Pacific Ocean, the town is ringed by towering palms with vistas of rich farmlands producing mangos, avocados, citrus fruits and vegetables. The town flourished in the mid to late 1800s as a sugar cane center and weekend resort for the wealthy mining families of El Triunfo and San Antonio. Cane, and silver from the Sierra de La Laguna mountains, brought prosperity until the mines began closing in the 1920's; then the water supply dried up in the late '40s. Todos Santos languished until the 1970's when the water mysteriously returned. In the 1980's Highway #19 was paved from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz and since then the town has attracted visitors seeking a respite from the frenetic pace of busy modern life. Todos Santos will take you back in time.

The variety of things to do in Todos Santos will surprise you. The community is alive with workshops featuring ceramics, creative writing, painting, gardening and cooking. Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation are popular, as are strolling the miles of deserted beaches, hiking, biking and horseback riding. Take a day trip to La Paz or Los Cabos, or simply relax and refresh at Posada La Poza.

Less than an hour away from the bustle of Cabo San Lucas, the difference in mood at Posada La Poza is extraordinary. Some may want to believe it's Todos Santos' special quality of light, the gentle climate, or the proximity to the Tropic of Cancer. Others will swear it's metaphysica... call it magic if you will.

Guests of Posada La Poza have the added attraction of exploring Los Cabos and La Paz during their stay. Approximately an hour south of Posada La Poza is the world renowned resort community of Los Cabos. Located at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, the main settlements are Cabo San Lucas, once a sleepy fishing village; and San Jose del Cabo, a colonial oasis founded in 1730 by Jesuit missionaries. Situated 20 miles apart, many luxurious resorts dot the coastline between the two centers.

La Paz, an hour north of Posada La Poza, is the capital of Baja California Sur. First settled in 1535, it's a fascinating combination of big city feel and small town warmth. La Paz is a character Mexican city. It sits on a natural harbor and is a great place to shop. Both Los Cabos and La Paz have modern hospitals, medical facilities and many ATM cash dispensing machines. English is widely spoken.