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The International Airport SJD is 7 miles north of San Jose del Cabo, approximately 1 hr. 45 mins. from Todos Santos. There is a second International airport in La Paz LAP that is 1 hour from Todos Santos. Posada La Poza is easily accessible from both airports.

Alaska, American Airlines, America West, Continental, Delta, AeroMexico, and other major  carriers all fly into Los Cabos.

Alaska Air, Delta, Volaris, Soutwest and AeroMexico offer direct flights to La Paz. Rental cars are available at both airports.

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Brief description of the road from La Paz Airport to Todos Santos

  • Leaving the airport, turn right
  • Next crossing turn right, entering the highway #1 south toward La Paz
  • Take next exit right (Libramiento) before the large sculpture of La Paz (whale's tail or two doves).
  • description from La Paz airport (LAP): next intersection after passing shopping malls of Liverpool and home depot (traffic light), turn right into which is kind of a peripheral two lane road along an arroyo (dry river bed to your left)
  • Next traffic light, turn right in the direction of Cabo San Lucas - 6 lane road, narrowing to 4 lanes after several traffic lights before entering the newly built highway between La Paz and Los Cabos.
  • Pass the small town of San Pedro
  • Next intersection with visible ramp, turn right onto the new highway (#19).
  • After 30 miles, you will arrive at Todos Santos
  • Pass through town continuing south toward Cabo San Lucas. After having passed the gas station PEMEX, take the 3rd or 4th street to your right and follow it to the end, then take a right turn and a left turn.
  • Posada La Poza is about 1.2miles from the center of town. Our reflecting signs are small blue signs with orange waves and an orange reflecting arrow with blue writing marked "La Poza." They will take you through the southern outskirts of the town along a hill. Enjoy the nice view for a short moment, overlooking the town with its many palm trees. Keep following the white and blue signs and find yourself in front of Posada La Poza. Welcome.

While driving, you might see an oncoming car with hazard lights on. This signals that there is some problem ahead of you, most likely animals on the road. When you see such hazards, please also warn other oncoming drivers of the risk. Thank you.

In case of a problem, please call us at 01-612-145-0400 (long distance in Mexico) or at 145-0400 (local call from La Paz and Todos Santos) or you may also use our toll free number 01800-514-0859.

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Brief description of the road from Los Cabos Airport to Todos Santos

Finally, the new highway between SJD airport and Cabo San Lucas/Todos Santos has been opened and it cuts your driving time to Todos Santos by about 20min.

One word of caution: the highway is more an express road than a highway. There is no physical separation of lanes, so make sure that you are always driving on the right hand side.

Leave the airport driving in direction Cabo San Lucas. After some 3 miles, you will pass a toll booth where you have to take a ticket. After some 2 miles, you will have a sign showing the direction for Cabo San Lucas-Todos Santos. Please pay attention to the signposting. The signs are very close to the branching, so don't drive too fast (speed limit is 90km/h or 55m/h). After about 20minutes, you will join the "old highway" and continue for some 65km or 40m to Todos Santos.

If you want to use the road which runs along the corridor with the majority of hotels along the coast, the following description is still valid.

  • When you leave the airport take the highway marked "Cabo San Lucas" (CSL) to your left. Toll is 28 pesos.
  • Getting to the old highway, take a right turn after the toll house direction CSL.
  • For the next 25 miles, you pass the "corridor". After the corridor approaching CSL, you will pass "Home Depot", "Costco" and then "Walmart/Sams Club", all on your right hand side.
  • After passing a bridge over a dry river bed (arroyo), at the intersection with traffic lights, turn right.
  • Next intersection with traffic lights, go straight. At the next (3rd) intersection with traffic lights, pemex gas station on the right corner, turn right and you will pass shopping centers "Chedraui" and "Soriana", both on your right hand side.
  • Now you are on the new highway from Los Cabos to La Paz and you will reach Todos Santos after 40 miles at km 52. Entering the village, there is a speed bump and a whitish building "Hielera del Sur" on your left. Pass them and take the 2nd or 3rd road to your left, following the blue signs with an orange arrow for Posada La Poza. Keep following the signs which appear always when you have to make a turn.
  • Without sign, go straight. You will drive around the hill of La Poza, along a stone wall and then downhill where you will find your destination Posada La Poza.

To call from CSL area, dial 01-612 145 0400, from TS area, dial only 145 0400 you may also use our toll free number 01800-514-0859

P.S. While driving, you might see an upcoming car with hazard lights on. This signals that there is some problem ahead of you, mostly animals on the road. Reduce speed and watch out.

When you see animals on the road, please also warn other upcoming drivers of the risk. Thank you.

We wish you a safe and pleasant trip and we are looking forward to welcoming you at Posada La Poza.

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Best regards,
Juerg and Libusche Wiesendanger
Posada La Poza